Hentges Associates specializes in developing and supporting sustainable strategies that contribute to business success and enhance an organization’s ability to address societal challenges most relevant to its business. It is committed to supporting NGO and governmental organizations and developing public-private partnerships that bring each player’s strengths to bear in order to achieve optimal solutions. It seeks to bring together objectives, solutions, processes and stakeholders in a productive and effective way.

The practice is committed to practical, aspirational solutions; to the pursuit of credible, sustainable strategies and practices; and to taking clients’ sustainability efforts to the next level while bringing along vital stakeholders who can engage and support the goals of the organization.

It brings multiple perspectives to problem solving efforts - building consensus that underpins a more sustainable strategy, a more sustainable organization.

It is committed to building internal capacity and ensuring that solutions are self-sustaining and enduring.

Hentges Associates is an affiliate of TheRockGroup, a sustainability consulting group based in the Netherlands. The partners have wide experience in business and in diverse sectors and a broad network within universities, multinationals, startups, SMEs, NGOs, and governments. An important driver is to work on the interface of these organizations, on topics of high societal urgency and significant commercial impact for its customers. Its expertise lies in developing and mainstreaming sustainability within organizations, supporting sustainable innovations in their commercialization process, scaling up impact, and facilitating solutions for complex societal issues.



• Connect interests across the value chain.
• Review sustainability efforts and goals to take these to the next level
• Identify opportunities to engage internal and external stakeholders
• Bridge across interest groups, sectors and disciplines to enhance outreach to key stakeholders
• Provide practical solutions that foster a sustainable food system and address the interests and needs of consumers
• Facilitate consensus-building among critical stakeholders
• Identify best practices to help achieve organizational goals and short- circuit the investment in the search for solutions
• Create public-private partnerships to support organizational goals
• Support strategy integration and implementation